Web Development

When you are developing a high tech and innovation solution, you need an enthusiastic team around you. We have built a pool of vetted engineers and managers that will help to put your company ahead of your competition and achieve your goals.

Behind the curtains of success

Azon5 has been providing professional web development services for more than ten years. We involve premier development techniques to create dynamic web and mobile-friendly websites with client-centric UI/UX design. Our development team strives, giving an ear to each of your business needs, as well as providing development solutions grounded on the top-notch technological stack and emerging design trends. We build fully-optimized websites with smooth navigation and efficient SEO-tools, increasing lead conversion rates and making your company a winning market player equipped with the best-fitting digital technologies.

Serve with backend development and API

These days there are a lot of options to build reliable and scalable backends from the very early stages. There is no excuse not to be ready for scale or even worse to be insecure. Our software engineers will define the right architecture of the system and build it for you by applying modern technologies and approaches. We gained a solid expertise in building applications, integrating various 3rd-party APIs and services, like Stripe, Twilio, Sendgrid and others, and developing real-time features. Being evangelists of DevOps culture we make sure that all the apps are ready to be deployed in Cloud, well tested and secure.

Attract with frontend development

Clothes make the man, Frontend makes your app. You have only one chance to impress your prospective customer or user. Our team works with new versions of popular Frontend frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and D3, that are applicable for creating modern dashboard-like interfaces, data visualisation or simple landing pages. We pay attention to details and performance, making it reactive to a user. Progressive apps and responsive websites are another way to reach the audience of mobile devices.

Haven’t started yet?

“The three fundamental strategies that organizations go for are Proof of Concept (POC), Prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The dilemma when choosing an MVP, POC and Prototype can at times lead towards an incorrect selection. By doing so, an organization may end up leaking their finances, wasting their effort, time and it may affect the business growth overall” — Hackernoon

“Proof of concept (PoC) is a realization of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that some concept or theory has practical potential”  —  Wikipedia